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  • Committed to Healthier Living

    Everything we do at Agthia is wholeheartedly committed to healthier living.

    Because we provide the essential, healthier and trusted feed, food & beverages that happily nourishes full and active lives, every day.

    We do this wholeheartedly.

    Because when everyone lives life to the full, then we all live a life worth living.

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About Agthia

We are a leading Abu Dhabi based food and beverage company.  

Established in the UAE in 2004, and listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) since 2005, the Agthia Group consists of a world-class portfolio of integrated businesses and brands.

We provide high-quality, trusted, and essential food and beverage products for customers and consumers across the GCC, Turkey, and the wider Middle East.

The Company’s assets are located in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt and Turkey.More than 4,500 employees are engaged in manufacturing, distribution and marketing various food and beverage products : Water and Beverages (Al Ain Water, Al Ain Zero Water, Al Bayan Water, Alpin Natural Spring Water, Ice Crystal Water, Delta Water, Bambini Kids Water, Al Ain Fresh Juice, Capri-Sun Fruit Juice); Food (Grand Mills Flour, Yoplait Yogurt, Al Ain Tomato Paste, Al Ain Frozen Vegetables, Monty's Bakehouse Frozen Bakery products, The Grand Baker Ambient Bakery products, Pure Natural Convenience Food items, Date Crown Dates); Animal Feed (Agrivita, Al Wasmi, Anderson Hay)


Who We Are

We are the leading Abu Dhabi based food and beverage company. Established in the UAE in 2004 and listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), the Agthia Group consists of a world-class portfolio of integrated businesses and brands. We provide high quality, trusted, and essential food and beverage products for customers and consumers across the UAE, GCC, Turkey and the wider Middle East.


Vision & Mission


To inspire healthier and happier lives through the wholehearted choices we offer.


To provide the nutritious, valued and responsibly produced food, beverages and brands that nourish full and active lives, everyday.


Our Brands

Grand Mills
Al Ain Water
Capri Sun
Grand Mills Bakeries
Al Ain Fresh
Al Ain Veg
Al Ain Fresh
Al Ain Pure Natural
Ice Crystal
Al Bayan



  • We are all collaborative

    Open-minded and encouraging, we take every opportunity to share our ideas, experiences, and opinions.

    By listening to the views of others and acting on what they say we inspire trust and make faster progress.

    We see the bigger picture, putting the interests of our colleagues ahead of our own when it achieves a bigger or better goal.

    So we are also selfless in helping our colleagues overcome challenges or take new opportunities. Because we know when one succeeds we all succeed.
    Embracing true diversity, we make everyone welcome on our team. To us there are no barriers, just new directions.

  • We are all determined

    Motivated by those around us, we are driven to succeed and committed to creating value through everything we do.

    We are demanding of each other, expecting us all to be at our absolute best.
    Always anticipating and planning for change, we’re focussed on finding smarter solutions - whatever the challenge.

    Believing in positive progress, we concentrate on what matters to make our jobs simpler, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

    We’re ambitious but not at the expense of our integrity.

  • We are all agile

    Curious and restless and always informed, we’re happy to learn and welcome new thinking from anyone.

    Our inventive spirit ignites innovation and influences everything and everyone. We’re quick to adapt and make progress from failures as well as successes.

    Together we celebrate good work and our achievements; but we're never complacent. We do not under-estimate our customers or our competition.

    We know that true innovation is hard. Our enthusiasm keeps us innovating and creating the products that delight customers and communities.

    We understand there is more than one way to do anything. To us, even obstacles are opportunities.

  • We are all responsible

    We all act like owners. Upfront and straightforward, we are individually accountable for our own decisions, actions and results.

    Knowing what it takes to do a good job every day, we foster a happy, stimulating work place where everyone is free to flourish.

    Caring and involving, we ensure everyone has a say in the decisions that impact on them and the lives of our colleagues and our communities.

    We believe we move forward by everyone striving to do what they do better.

    So we make sure we have explored every way we can to refine and improve what we offer. We are always aware we owe everyone our best efforts.

    Honest and genuine, we say what we mean and do what we promise.



Committed to Healthier Living

We produce the essential & trusted food and drink that feeds and nourishes full and active lives, every day. We do this here at home, across the region and beyond for people from all walks of life, and all nationalities. This wholehearted commitment drives what we do at every stage of the food chain – from field to fork. We’re determined to meet the highest food & drink quality standards, in a sustainable way. We value everyone we serve, and everyone who works with us. We do this wholeheartedly. Because when everyone lives life to the full, then we all live a life worth living.


Our Leadership

Board of Directors

H. E. Khalifa Sultan Al Suwaidi Chairman of the Board
Current Role
Chief Investment Officer – ADQ
H.E. Salmeen Obaid Alameri Vice Chairman
Current Role
Chief Executive Officer - Al Dahra
Mr. Gil Adotevi Board Member
Current Role
Investment Director - ADQ
HE Khamis Mohamed Buharoon Al Shamsi Board Member
Current Role
Vice Chairman - Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
Mr. Gianluca Fabbri Board Member
Current Role
Group Chief Financial Officer - Al Dahra
Mr. Saifuddin Rupawala Board Member
Current Role
CEO - Lulu Group International
H. E. Khalaf Al Hammadi Board Member
Current Role
General of AD Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund


Executive Committee

Alan Smith Chief Executive Officer
UK,  Joined Agthia Group in July 2020 Previous posts include:
Managing Director – Mondelez – Middle East & Pakistan
Ammar Al-Ghoul Chief Financial Officer
Jordanian,  Joined Agthia Group in March 2020 Previous posts include:
Chief Financial Officer, MS Pharma, Jordan
Chief Financial Officer, Al Fozan Holding Company, Saudi Arabia
Mubarak Almansoori Chief Human Capital and Corporate Services Officer
Emirati, Joined Agthia Group PJSC in December 2016. Previous posts include:
Vice President Human Capital and Services, Emirates Steel UAE
Chief Human Resources and Admin Officer at Emirates advanced investment Group, UAE
Thorbjorn Thorbjornsen Senior Vice President Strategy
Norwegian,  Joined Agthia Group PJSC in January 2016. Previous posts include:
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Boston Analytics, US
Business Unit Head, Keithley Instruments, US
Rabih Kamleh (PhD) Senior Vice President Research and Development, Quality Assurance
Canadian, joined Agthia Group PJSC in 2013. Previous posts include:
Group Director Food Technology Safety and Quality Assurance - Agthia Group PJSC
Assistant Professor Food Sciences - American University of Beirut (AUB)
Ramy Hamed Merdan Senior Vice President Value Chain
Egyptian, Joined Agthia Group PJSC in November 2017. Previous posts include:
Managing Director - KSA & Chief Operating Officer with Gandour Group
Operation Director - Danone Dairy Egypt
Supply Chain Director - Unilever Egypt
Mujtaba Hussain Senior Vice President Mergers and Acquisitions
Pakistani, Joined Agthia Group PJSC in October 2020 Previous posts include:
Group Head of Strategy & M&A, Evercare Fund (part of TPG’s impact platform)
• Regional Head of Investments (ME&A), Fosun International Limited

Declan Bennett Executive Vice President Food & Feed
Ireland, Joined Agthia Group PJSC in April 2017. Previous posts include:
VP for Food - Agthia Group PJSC
Managing Director for MENA, Turkey, Pakistan & Indian Ocean - Kraft Heinz Company
General Manager for MEA - Kellogg Company
Mohamad Itani Executive Vice President of International Business
Lebanese/ Canadian, Joined Agthia Group PJSC in July 2020 Previous posts include:
CEO – Consumer Goods of Ajlan Group Holding, KSA
And several important positions in multinational companies such as "PepsiCo", "Red Bull" and "Coca-Cola"


Corporate Social Responsibility

Agthia is committed to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. Agthia’s corporate social responsibility is based on our manifesto, grounded in our values that define our corporate culture and focused on four pillars:


Health & Wellness
Food Safety & Food Security