Ice Crystal

Ice Crystal is a leading manufacturer and distributor of 5-gallon
water across UAE. it was acquired by Agthia Group P.J.S.C.
and established in October 1998.

Water is our Core Business

As a leading home and office delivery brand it is our task and obligation to provide
good tasting, lightly mineralized, high quality water every single day.

Preferred Choice of UAE

Ice Crystal is the preferred choice for leading institutions and consumers across
UAE. Known for its trusted quality and service, Ice Crystal is the water of choice
for Atlantis, Abu Dhabi Police, Abu Dhabi National Hotels, Fairmont Hotel, Hilton,
Le Meridien, sheikhs' Palaces and major hospitals.

With more than 100 dedicated delivery trucks, Ice Crystal is in a position
to deliver products anywhere in the UAE. The team is boosted by a well
experienced sales force and a dedicated customer service team.


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The Crystal Taste

The taste of water is determined by the minerals it contains. Ice Crystal provides the best possible composition, with low sodium content as well as other mineral salts. We have achieved this perfect combination through high-tech filtering.



Quality Assurance

Ice Crystal has one of the most advanced water bottling plants process. Water is purified through  seven stages to maintain a high level of quality throughout.

the bottling process encompasses pre-wash, wash, sanitation and rinsing stages. A well-established Qualified Control lab with qualified technicians monitor and ensure product consistency by following advanced Quality Control Tools.

Ice Crystal has been awarded with ISO 9001:2008 & OHSAS:18000, ensuring that the highest standards are met in production and process.