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Introducing a fresh approach to baking

At Grand Mills Bakeries, nothing excites us more than bringing modern, innovative solutions to the timeless art of baking.

Our brand new plant in Abu Dhabi has the most advanced technology in the Middle East, but we also follow traditional baking recipes that have been used for centuries. Our dough is made from flour that contains 100% natural ingredients.

Our unique manufacturing processes reverse the industrial preservative-based bread making and go back to naturally maturing the dough to deliver tasty, digestible and high-quality products.

At Grand Mills Bakeries, we’re constantly innovating so that you
can offer your customers the most delicious range
of baked products.


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Our French breads and baguettes are made from superior quality flour and baked using traditional methods in state-of-the-art ovens. The extended baking process allows the baguettes to develop maximum flavor, while the optimum hydration gives the baguette a beautiful hole structure. The baked bread has a fine aroma that enhances its deliciously full flavor.


The classic Italian bread has a crisp, floury crust and a soft, spongy crumb. Our kneading techniques ensure optimum hydration which gives the bread its characteristic open-holed structure.


Our French classics are fresh, flaky and rich with butter, with layer after layer of perfect taste. Available in a host of delicious flavor combinations. Simply pop into the oven to create delicious light and flaky croissants with a freshly baked aroma.

Kaiser Roll

Our Kaiser Rolls have a soft crumb and a wafer-thin golden crust. Made using traditional techniques, the rolls have a large-holed structure and the classic pinwheel shape on top.


Our Lattice Pastry, is made with light and flaky pure pastry and features an elegant criss-cross pattern of strips on top with a delicious fruit filling of strawberry, apple, blueberry and cherry.

Pain au Chocolat

Our Pain au Chocolat is crisp and golden on the outside and has a delicious layer of melted chocolate swirled through the buttery pastry.


Our bread rolls have a wonderfully soft crumb and thin, crunchy crust. Made in traditional French style, we follow the carefully balanced process of kneading, proofing and baking, with long periods in which the dough is allowed to rest or rise.



Quality Assurance


We’ve brought world-class baking technology for the first time to the UAE. 

The most modern frozen bakery technology in the GCC - with top of the range lines.

Fully automated production process with no manual involvement.

High quality Grand Mills flour from the UAE used in all the products.

Our products help you streamline your manual processes, eliminate waste and enhance your bottom line.


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