Deep in the beautiful Pozanti countryside, we draw Alpin fresh from the pristine Sekerpinar Spring, close to a legendary pass across the Toros Mountains, gateway to ancient Anatolia. The spring is a pure and gentle sweet water which has for generations provided welcome refreshment for travelers.
Today we're proud to continue the tradition of refreshing all those with a taste for the
Alpin; for those with a taste for the authentic.

Our story

Pozanti is renowned for providing the region's finest natural spring water, which
has been loved for generations. Inspired by the spirit of time-honoured
traditions, this beautifully refined water is bottled at the source. Today
we continue the quest to seek perfection, and provide the purest, best
tasting and highest quality natural spring water. Formed in 2012 with the
on-going support of one of the region’s leading food and beverage
companies, Alpin is a wholly owned subsidiary of Agthia Group PJSC.


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The Alpin Taste

Alpin pure natural spring water is a high quality product, offering good value for everyone, everyday. Originating from deep underground the Toros Mountains of Pozanti, our water goes on a journey of natural purification. As the raindrops and snow water filter through the mountain, Alpin acquires rich minerals along its journey, resulting in refreshing, naturally purified, soft and gentle sweet tasting water. Particularly good for mothers and children, Alpin has a perfectly balanced mineral composition and a low sodium content.

In Turkey, Alpin is available in a wide range of convenient formats from:

  • Cups: 200ml, 250ml
  • Bottles: 330ml, 500ml, 1.5 L, 5L, 10L
  • Home / office consumption: 19 L

In the GCC, Alpin is available in 330ml, 500ml, and 1.5 L bottles.



Quality Assurance

Situated in the southern Turkish Provence of Adana on the slopes of the Toros Mountains, this extraordinary water comes straight from the heart of nature, naturally filtered to give one of nature’s purest and finest spring waters.Alpin is bottled and packed at the source of the Şekerpinar Spring by one of the newest and most advanced water bottling plants.

Alpin is bottled and packed at the source of the Şekerpinar Spring by one of the newest and most advanced water bottling plants.

Our high quality, natural spring water is matched by our attention to detail to ensure the water’s natural purity is guaranteed; remaining untouched by human hand, unadulterated, guaranteed free from pollution or harmful microorganisms.

Our dedicated team aims to ensure consistent quality, value, service, choice and reliability. We are committed to providing the finest service to our valued customers.


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