Going Beyond Feed

We are Agrivita, the modern Abu Dhabi based provider of performance and value orientated animal feed solutions. Well balanced commercially and nutritionally, our feed is designed to nourish and improve both business and animals.

Beyond feed, we also provide the expert and informed consultancy and bespoke answers creating value for the farmers we supply and work alongside. As a pioneer of the region's animal feed industry and a leading player in the UAE market, we're known for our collaborative and innovative approach to business.

Established in 1978 by the late President of UAE, HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, as Grand Mills for Flour and Feed, our specialized feed business is now revitalized as Agrivita.

We continue in partnership with Grand Mills and are part of the Agthia Group. So we share the same commitment to wholehearted living - supplying good quality, nutritional, carefully produced food and drink.


Our Manifesto

Balancing animal welfare, value for money and nutritional performance, we work proactively with our farmers to create the optimal feed mix.

Beyond feed, our expert consultancy teams apply bespoke animal nutritional solutions to more effectively support our customers’ businesses and farming objectives.

Year after year, our pioneering products improve the condition of animals and the commercial health of businesses.

Together, we are always the right mix!



Our extensive product range

Offering over 50 types of feed, our product range delivers the right nutrition at the right price at every life stage. By realistically balancing animal health, commercial demands and nutritional performance, we help farmers build a secure and profitable business.

Brand Tabs

Broiler Feed

Agrivita Broiler Feed enables the achievement of advanced product conversion rates, flock uniformity and high commercial value meat production.

Product Range:

  • Broiler Pre-Starter
  • Broiler Starter
  • Broiler Grower
  • Broiler Finisher
  • Meat Maker 1
  • Meat Maker 2

Management Tips:

  • Fresh and safe drinking water is a must for best performance
  • Nipple drinker height needs to be at chicks’ eye level for the first 2 to 3 hours of age
  • Level of watering lines should be straight and within reach to growing chicks to ensure proper water intake
  • Bird’s watering lines should always be parallel to the floor and a bird should never have to stand on its toes to drink
  • Feed intake also depends on water intake which consequently affects growth and weight gain
  • Feeder pans should be adjusted so the lip of the trough or pan is on level with the bird’s back at all times
  • Flush watering lines in hot weather to ensure water is as cool as possible
  • Provide enough light for the bird’s stage of growth to allow proper feeding, water intake and growth
  • Hot weather requires that all fans, fogging nozzles and evaporative cooling pads are working properly
Layer Feed

The Layer range is formulated to achieve the correct body size and weight at early growth stages, facilitating a natural eating behaviour and delivering healthy and high quality eggs with longer persistence laying curves.

Product Range:

  • Layer Chick Starter
  • Layer Grower
  • Layer Peak
  • Layer Post Peak
  • Egg Maker

Management Tips:

  • Be sure light intensity is correct
  • Use a light meter if in doubt
  • Hot weather requires that all fans, fogging nozzles and evaporative cooling pads are working properly
  • Provide fresh water and adequate drinker space
  • Provide cool storage of market eggs to maintain egg quality
  • Provide oyster shell or granular calcium carbonate free choice or in the feed
Breeder Feed

Breeder rations are designed to improve the hatchability by providing the correct nutrients for higher fertility and embryonic development. Healthy baby chicks ensure healthier flocks and efficient production.

Product Range:

  • Breeder Pre-Starter
  • Breeder Starter
  • Breeder Grower
  • Breeder Pre-Breeder
  • Breeder Breeder 1
  • Breeder Breeder 2
  • Breeder Male
Quail Feed

We supply Grower/Finisher Feed for quail birds and complete nutritional feed products developed for laying quail hens, to be used from 7 weeks onwards.
The optimal vitamins and minerals mix is ideal to develop the quail’s growth during the critical period of the 2nd – 4th weeks of life.

Product Range:

  • Quail Starter
  • Quail Finisher
  • Quail Breeder/Layer
Turkey Feed

Grower, Finisher and Breeding complete feed products are adapted for life stages, with a streamlined, modified composition of amino acids and energy levels. The top-quality formulas supported by strict selection of plants, minerals and origins satisfy the very high growth rate of turkeys’ nutrition.

Product Range:

  • Turkey Starter
  • Turkey Grower
  • Turkey Breeder
Ostrich Feed

Agrivita provides pelleted feed for growing chicks and adult non-breeding ostriches, as well as for adult birds selected for reproduction. The formulated nutritional value, natural qualities and hygiene provide a rich health support for optimal bird performance.

Product Range:

  • Ostrich Grower
  • Ostrich Breeder
Pigeon Feed

This highly developed formula provides successful nourishment to raise healthy, attractive, colourful pigeons with the right feather quality to endure long flight.

Product Range:

  • Pigeon Feed
Camel Feed

Agrivita Camel Feed is formulated to provide sound nutrition for the life cycle of the camel. All camel categories and stages are covered, including camel calf, breeding, milking and racing camels.

Product Range:

  • Camel Calf Builder
  • Camel Browser Foundation
  • Camel Breeder Foundation
  • Camel Milking Foundation
  • Champion Racing Camel High Performance Feed

Management Tips:

  • Always apply patience in handling camels
  • Provide “first milk” colostrum which is high in antibodies to the new born camel calf
  • Provide adequate salt
  • Make feed changes slowly
  • Follow feeding direction for amount of feed
Champion Racing Camel High Performance Feed

Champion Racing Camel High Performance Feed is made from the finest ingredients and manufactured to a strict code of feed safety. Designed using camel trainer's expertise, this high energy coarse mix provides the vital nutrients your racing camel needs for optimum health and performance - the perfect feed solution for your Champion!

Oats, Wheat, Barley, Glucose Syrup, Feed Wheat, Maize, Grass, Peas, Limestone, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt, Soy Oil, Linseed, Soya, Cane Molasses, Potassium Chloride

Nutrient Specifications:

  • Moisture (max): 12.5%
  • C. Protein (min): 14.0%
  • C. Fat (min): 3.60%
  • Digestible Energy (min): 11.00 MJ/kg%
  • NDF (min): 25.0%
  • ADF (max): 15.0%
  • Ash (max): 8.5%

Vitamins and Trace Minerals:

  • Vitamins A (min): 14,000 IU/kg
  • Selenium (min): 0.5 mg/kg
  • Vitamins D (min): 1,500 IU/kg
  • Iron (min): 112.0 mg/kg
  • Vitamins E (min): 400 IU/kg
  • Sodium (min): 4.5 g/kg
  • Vitamins B1 (min): 15.0 mg/kg
  • Potassium (min): 9.5 g/kg
  • Vitamins B2 (min): 15.0 mg/kg
  • Calcium (min): 12.0 g/kg
  • Vitamins B6 (min): 20.0 mg/kg
  • Phosphorus (min): 4.5 g/kg
  • Vitamins B12 (min): 22.0 mg/kg
  • Magnesium (min): 2.0 g/kg
  • Copper (min): 45.0 mg/kg

Management Tips:

  • Take special care for training and exercise of racing camels
  • Provide balanced diet to avoid extra burden to vital body organs
  • Racing camels need highly metabolizable energy source
  • Provide proper amount of feed to maintain desired body weight
Dairy Feed

We supply Dairy Feed formulated and processed to provide the nutrients for milk production purposes. Each life stage is covered: calf, heifer, dry-cow, close-up and milking, with a special emphasis on requirements of macro and micronutrients to avoid problems in calving and subsequent milking stage with improved milk production.

Product Range:

  • Calf Starter
  • Heifer Builder
  • Close-up Foundation
  • Milk Maker Plus
  • Dry Cow Foundation

Management Tips:

  • Always have forage, grass and alfalfa hay, assayed for relative feeding value
  • Provide adequate water supply
  • Handle cows with tender loving care
  • Feed cow according to their daily milk production
  • Do not overcrowd during the hot summer period
Sheep Feed

Our Sheep Feed fulfils the nutrient needs for the production of meat and wool. Special emphasis has been taken to provide the nutritional requirements for better rumen health and ultimate production.

Product Range:

  • Ovine Starter
  • Sheep Feed Pellets
  • Sheep Feed Fattening

Management Tips:

  • Provide plenty of fresh, clean water at all times
  • Divide the suggested daily feeding rate into 2 or 3 feedings
  • Market lambs should consume about 2 to 4% of their body weight in air dry feed
  • Never feed any products that are mouldy, musty or suspect in any way
  • Flush ewes and rams 10 to 14 days before breeding
  • Changes in the diet should be made over a 1 to 2 week period to help prevent digestive disturbances
  • Hand feeding – provide a minimum of 1 linear foot of feeder space per head when hand feeding roughage or concentrate
  • Dock and castrate lambs at 3 to 10 days of age
Ungulate Feed

The special blends of Ungulate Feed meet the nutritional needs of these herbivorous hoofed animals. Products are designed considering the physiological requirements of the animal in the same way as in their natural habitat.

Product Range:

  • Gazelle Feed
  • Oryx Feed

Cleaned bright golden barley meets premium international standards to assure the expected performance of this valuable cereal.

Product Range:

  • Barley Grade 1
  • Flaked Barley
  • Crushed Barley

Our rich specifications comply with the USDA #2 corn grade, which ensures the nutritional density and purity of this high-energy grain.

Product Range:

  • Whole Corn
  • Flaked Corn
  • Crushed Corn
Soybean Meal and Others

Agrivita provides de-hulled high protein soybean meal from the best origins, such as South America, as well as other feedstuffs on demand.

Mixed Grain

Agrivita Mixed Grain is a balanced blend of cereals such as corn, barley, natural fibre and other ingredients to provide enough nutrients for healthy animal maintenance.



Quality assurance



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