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  • For Wholehearted Living

    Everything we do at Agthia is wholehearted

    We do this here at home, across the region and beyond for people from all walks of life, and all nationalities. This commitment to wholehearted living drives what we do at every stage of the food chain – from field to fork. We’re determined to meet the highest food and drink quality standards, in a sustainable way. We value everyone we serve, and everyone who works with us. We do this wholeheartedly because we want everyone to live life to the fullest.

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Our Brands

Agthia's well-established high quality local and regional brands combined with newly launched, leading global brands characterize Aghia's ttractive product portfolio; one that is trusted by customers and consumers. .

Our focus is on continued marketing investment aimed at building and consolidating brand equity while driving sales and volume growth, geographic expansion and enhanced profitability.

Agthia's portfolio of brands is categorized in various food and beverage segments: Flour & Animal Feed, Water & Beverages, Processed Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy and Frozen Baked Products.



Grand Mills
Al Ain Water
Capri Sun
Grand Mills Bakeries
Al Ain Fresh
Al Ain Veg
Al Ain Fresh
Al Ain Pure Natural
Ice Crystal
The Grand baker
Al Bayan