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  • For Wholehearted Living

    Everything we do at Agthia is wholehearted

    We do this here at home, across the region and beyond for people from all walks of life, and all nationalities. This commitment to wholehearted living drives what we do at every stage of the food chain – from field to fork. We’re determined to meet the highest food and drink quality standards, in a sustainable way. We value everyone we serve, and everyone who works with us. We do this wholeheartedly because we want everyone to live life to the fullest.

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12/10/2018 Agthia Group Launches First UAE-Made Infant Water ‘Al Ain Bambini’
Al Ain Bambini has been created to support infant development free of sodium, sulfate fluoride, nitrate and bromate. Additionally, the water is pH neutral, and contains an overall low minerals content in order not to interfere with baby formula’s high mineral content.
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11/30/2018 Al Ain Vitamin D Water Wins 2018 ‘Best of Middle East’ Gama Innovation Award
The Gama Innovation Awards recognize outstanding innovations in the FMCG space across eight categories including Product, Packaging, Positioning, Branding & Design, Health & Wellness, SME, Best of Britain, as well as the Best of Middle East.
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