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Corporate Governance

The Company's Philosophy

At Agthia, we believe that a solid foundation of good corporate governance and business ethics significantly contributes to our company’s ability to compete effectively and realize our full value potential. For our company, this means leadership by a management team of uncompromising integrity under disciplined oversight from our Board of Directors, a commitment to shareholder and stakeholder engagement, and creation of sustainable value through business fundamentals, corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Agthia acknowledges its responsibilities to its stakeholders. The Company believes that good corporate governance supports management’s commitment in delivering value to shareholders through setting and achieving appropriate business objectives. Good corporate governance provides an appropriate framework for the Board, its committees, and management to most effectively represent the interests of the Company and its stakeholders.

Agthia maintains high levels of transparency, accountability, and good management practices. This includes adopting and monitoring appropriate corporate strategies, objectives, and procedures that comply with its legal and ethical responsibilities. A rigorously applied code of conduct ensures good corporate governance in business practices and activities throughout the organization.


To view the full Corporate Governance Manual please click HERE