Al Ain Vegetable Launches Fresh Frozen Vegetables

Al Ain Vegetable Launches Fresh Frozen Vegetables for the UAE Market - Processing and Canning Factory
Mr. Stefano Cutrano, General Manager, Al Ain Vegetables(Left) and Mr. Illias Assimokopoulos, CEO, Agthia Group (P.J.S.C) at the launch of frozen vegetables and tomato paste. 

Healthiest Option after Freshly Harvested Vegetables-Nutrients Locked in to Offer a Fresh Taste 

Al Ain Vegetable Processing and Canning Factory (Al Ain Vegetables) 

In accordance with the company's commitment to highest quality, Al Ain Vegetables brings to all consumers in the UAE, a premium and healthy vegetable option that adheres to the stringent standards benchmarked by the ADFCA (Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority). This is a significant improvement as compared to refrigerated vegetables, allowing consumers the convenience of storing these products for a longer time, yet enjoying the freshness and feel of farm fresh produce. The fresh frozen vegetable range includes: Mixed Vegetables, Green Beans, Green Peas, Okra, Sweet Corn and Molokhia, and is available across stores in the UAE. 

"Since our acquisition of Al Ain Vegetables in 2008, the company has been progressively working on improving and expanding it's product lines," said Ilias Assimakopoulos, CEO, Agthia Group (PJSC). "Expansion of capacities, management of the supply chain as well as adoption of high technology processes has contributed to building a robust offering that adds real value to the end consumer." 

"Fresh vegetables are the best, provided it reaches from farm to fork within a reasonable amount of time, without losing too much time in transportation and storage," explained Stefano Cutrona, General Manager, Al Ain Vegetables. "However in practice, 'fresh' vegetables sit for days in refrigerated vans, storage facilities and finally, in our home refrigerators." 

"We want to provide consumers with a significant value addition when they purchase our products. While convenience is the primary attribute consumers look for, the recent trend towards buying healthier, fresher tasting produce is significant and our new products are strongly focused to meet these needs," added Stefano. 

A quest for quality 

Al Ain Vegetables focuses on carefully designing selection criteria for sourcing its fine vegetables. Al Ain Vegetables chooses premium standard grades of quality vegetables which retain maximum nutritious value of vitamins and minerals. Freshness and wholesome goodness are revealed in the consistency of fresh, rainbow-spectrum colors of farm fresh vegetables ultimately providing our consumers with a 'just picked' taste. 


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